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Syria’s UN Rep. Bashar Jaafari talking to the press after consultations on Syrian Golan, 26 March 2014:


“The Turkish government has facilitated the intrusion of al Nusra Front fighters, which is a terrorist entity, as you know, enlisted on the Security Council list of entities sponsoring terrorism. So these terrorists came from within Turkish territory and they were accompanied by other terrorists belonging to what is called the Islamic Army or the Islam Army or the Army of Islam, whatever. I don’t know what they call themselves but all of them are well known terrorist entities who came inside Syria through our border with Turkey and once the Syrian army tried to stop these terrorists the Turkish army intervened by shelling the town of Kassab, the area of Kassab as well as the Syrian Army positions. The Turkish army used artillery and tanks and then as you know, the Turkish army also shot down one of our fighter gets 7km inside our airspace .

I’m giving you all this background so you know why we have in the last six days sent seven official letters to the Secretary General as well as to the president of the Security Council. Allow me now to give you a synopsis of these two issues:

There is a kind of alliance, an objective and public alliance, (which we call it in political language), between Turkey and Israel right now. Israel is attacking and facilitating attacking Syrian army positions in the Golan, near the separation line, in violation of Disengagement of Forces Agreement of 1974, and Turkey is facilitating the crossing of the border by terrorists from within Turkish territory. So it is an orchestrated joint military operation conducted by both the Turkish government and the Israeli government as well as with the terrorist groups operating both in the north on our border with Turkey as well as in the south next to the separation line .

I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the Israelis violated the disengagement agreement of 1974 three time only this month – on 5th, on 11th and on the 18th. On the 5th actually, eleven Israeli soldiers crossed the separation line and penetrated Syrian territory. That was mentioned in the Secretary General report. The SG report states that UNDOF forces had noticed the appalling cruelty of the terrorist forces operating in the separation line under direct Israeli protection, when they beheaded five Syrian soldiers who were positioned next to the separation line. That was mentioned in the report of the SG himself. Besides that we all know that Israeli military fighter jets invaded our airspace and shelled one of our positions. All this information is included in the SG report. One very alarming statement is also mentioned in the report which refers to the statement of the Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs who said that any possible settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should include the annexation of the Syrian Golan to Israel, for good. This is why he is asking the American administration to facilitate the settlement of what he calls the Golan issue in a way that the Golan will end up under Israeli sovereignty forever. This is also mentioned in the report of the Secretary General.

Here we are not talking about theories, we are referring to facts in the SG report.
And still I have heard a few minutes ago the representative of Luxembourg coming here and briefing you as if nothing of all these important points deserved to be discussed thoroughly in the deliberations of the Security Council. It’s really a pitiful situation to see those who are entrusted by the member states to maintain peace and security, neglecting and condoning this kind of military escalation both by Israel and Turkey. I’m in your hands.

QUESTION: Have you written to SG or Council about the plane? I know that the SG said he spoke with Turkey’s president and with the foreign minister about it. Have you communicated with him as well and what do you think UN should do? …

Bashar Jaafari: Number one, I talked over the phone on Saturday to Mr Veltman who was in Kiev and Mrs Malcorra who was in New York. I tried to join the Secretary General but he was in the Hague, as you know. I raised serious concerns with both Mrs Malcorra and Mr Veltman with regard to Turkish military providing cover for terrorist groups operating near the border of Kassab. These terrorist groups came from within Turkish territory and penetrated the area of Kassab which is inhabited mostly by Syrian Armenians which created a huge exodus again within the civilian population.
And in this regard I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that
I had addressed two hours ago a letter in this regard to Mrs Amos, asking her to brief the Council on Friday on this forced displacement of civilians form the area of
Kassab. I raised this concern with them. On Monday and Tuesday I met with Mr. Eliasson(?) to raise the same concerns. In addition to these concerns I also raised very alarming information regarding al Nusra Front who came from within Turkey: Now the port of Latakia where we are loading the chemical weapons on board ships, so these guys who came from Turkey under the Turkish government’s protection are trying to create a catastrophe in the city of Latakia. Not only are they shelling the port of Latakia but they’re shelling civilian areas with mortar shells so the situation is very alarming indeed – thank you for raising the question. This is why I said at the beginning that there’s a kind of public alliance between Turkey and Israel because they are both operating with the same terrorist groups, one in the north and one in the south for the same purpose. Of course the terrorists are sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia as you know, but those who are providing the logistical support are Turkey and Israel

QUESTION: Ambassador, in view of what you have said about Israel and the Golan Heights which you feel will be annexed by Israel in the near future, what can Syria do about this? Can Syria fight on another front now that all these al Qaeda fighters are coming from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, funded we know by who. Where does Syria stand, do they have enough arms and ammunition to fight all these people? Will you not just fold?

Bashar Jaafari: We are doing what we have to do. We have alarmed the Security Council, the Secretary General that the situation is very dangerously escalating both in the north and the south and it’s now the responsibility of the Security Council. Those distinguished colleagues who were elected to maintain peace and security should shoulder their responsibilities in this regard. Syria cannot fight terrorism on behalf of the world, we are doing that practically speaking on the ground but we can do it inside Syria but alone we cannot continue to do it alone because now the whole picture is very well known to everybody. We have terrorists coming from 83 nationalities, 83 nationalities coming from all over the world. Wherever you have garbage they collected them and sent them to Syria to kill the Syrians and to be killed by the Syrians. So this is the best way for the West and others to get rid of this garbage. But now the picture is very well known, totally well known to everybody. America reported recently that the overall figure is thousands – 2,000,000.
96,000 of them got killed already, so we are talking about armies of terrorists, trained, sponsored, facilitated, to enter through our common borders with neighbouring countries. Nobody is innocent nowdays, the Turkish government should be held responsible, Qatar, Saudi Arabia should be held responsible. Israel should be held responsible. It’s really a pity to see Israel helping the terrorists kidnapping of 21 Filipino soldiers from UNDOF, escorting them to inside Jordan, offering them tea and coffee and bringing them back to the separation line under Israeli protection. This is a pity, it’s a pitiful situation.

Question: Will the Syrian army be able to fight on so many fronts?

Bashar Jaafari: We will do whatever we have to do to protect our sovereignty and our own people but the rest lies on the people on the Security Council who are entrusted to maintain peace and security, otherwise the escalation will end up in regional confrontation and regional implosion and everybody should assume the consequences of that.

Question: Mr Ambassador you say that Turkey and Israel are helping terrorists… what is the logic for Israel to help terrorist organisations that …

Bashar Jaafari: I get your point, I will answer your question. One of the representatives of the so-called external opposition who lives in Sweden recently made a statement in which he said that the Syrian opposition is ready to sell the Golan to Israel. So some part of the external opposition is ready not only to co-operate with Israel but to work for Israel … So Israel has a great interest dealing with these terrorists …”

(Video via @SyrianperNews http://www.syrianperspective.com/2014/03/bashar-jaafari-accuses-turkey-and-israel-of-concerted-attacks.html)

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When they saw television images of the children who’d died in Ghouta sarin attacks on 21 August 2013, families in Latakia countryside recognised a number of the children who’d been abducted two weeks earlier from Latakia by foreign-backed “rebels”.

I’ve searched through video’s and images of victims of Ghouta chemical attacks but there are so few close-up pictures of victims available which makes it difficult to compare features, especially young boys. Here are some images of children kidnapped from Latakia by rebels that I’ve matched with the Ghouta dead. I hope I’m wrong and that these children are alive and well somewhere – but WHERE are they and why are western governments silent about the two-hundred (mostly children) missing from Latakia?

Haneen Talal Saleem, 9yrs kidnapped by “rebels” from her home in Baloutah Latakia on 4/8/13
Screenshot from 2014-03-27 16:29:41

Yosef Shehadeh, 17 year old, was kidnapped by the FSA from Inbateh, Latakia in August 2013
Screenshot from 2014-03-05 18:02:27

Amjad Ghadeer Deeb, 17 years old, from Balouteh – Latakia was kidnapped by rebels on 4/8/2013
Screenshot from 2014-03-06 21:44:59

Ziad Ghadeer Deeb, child, was kidnapped by “rebels” from his home in Balouteh Latakia in August 2013
Screenshot from 2014-03-06 21:41:46

Tamer AlShakouhy, taken from his home in Latakia in August by the FSA
Screenshot from 2014-03-06 21:30:13

Daughter of Talal Saleem was all kidnapped from her home by the FSA in August
Screenshot from 2014-03-06 22:08:58

Dalaa Mariam, 11 years, was taken from her home in Hambosheh Latakia on 4/8/13 by FSA
Screenshot from 2014-03-06 22:26:05

Screenshot from 2018-08-25 11-01-18

Screenshot from 2018-08-23 09-25-24

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