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From speech to UN, 24 April 2015

Bashar al-Jaafari:

“I would like to submit to you the 2nd part of a book, the 1st part of which I introduced to you a few months ago, containing the names and photos of thousands of foreign fighters/terrorists who have been killed by the Syrian Army inside Syria. Thousands of names of terrorists who have come from various parts of the world including from all the member states of the Security Council with the exception of Angola and Venezuela. These are “moderate Syrian Opposition”.

Let us imagine that ISIL or al-Nusra Front or any other so-called free terrorist organisation stormed certain cities in the countries that call terrorist groups in Syria, “moderate armed opposition”. Let us imagine that these terrorists started wreaking havoc, killing and destroying these cities. What would the reaction of these countries be? How would they deal with such a situation? A “moderate” situation. Are they going to offer these [terrorists] bouquets of flowers​? … Will they be called American, British,Turkish or French “moderate opposition”? What an irony that these same states turn the world upside down whenever they discover a single terrorist on their own territories. They even use military force in the territories of other states, thousands of miles away from them, under the pretext of protecting their own national security against the threat of terrorism, but at the same time they deny us as Syrians our legitimate right and our duty to fight this very same terrorism that targets own people on our own land in within our own borders, and not in places thousands of miles away from us. To make it even worse the terrorists we target on our national territory, become suddenly in their eyes, innocent civilians exposed to what they call barrel bombs. In the same way the cross-border foreign terrorism, which has been condemned by a UNSC resolution, becomes miraculously the result of the Syrian crisis, not the cause of it.”

video with thanks via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OvTb0ZKzKc

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