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Syria’s Grand Mufti Hassoun:

I believe in the power of Love. Hatred is something I neither know nor believe in,
even for my enemies. I pray for them.
I am a messenger and do not ask to be rewarded by society,
I ask only that God be pleased with my work.
My brothers and sisters are not only those residing in Aleppo, but the seven billion
who live on Earth.
God is found not only in churches and mosques but in the hearts of all human beings.
Those who kill in the name of God, do not know God.

Father Dave interviews the Grand Mufti of Syria – Dr Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun (25 April 2015)

Father Dave: http://www.fatherdave.org

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“The realization that every act, every word, every thought of ours not only influences our environment but for some mysterious reason forms an integral and important part of the Universe, fits into it as if by necessity so to say, in the very moment we do, or say, or think it – is an overwhelming and even shattering experience. The tremendous responsibility of it is terrifying. If all of us only knew that the smallest act of ours, or a tiny thought, has such far-reaching effects as to set in motion forces which perhaps could shatter a galaxy…If we know it deeply and absolutely, if this realization becomes engraved permanently on our hearts, on our minds, how careful we would act and speak and think. How precious life would become in its integral oneness.”

(From “Daughter of Fire” by Irina Tweedie)

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I feel that all the stars shine in me.

The world breaks into my life like a flood.

The flowers blossom in my body.

All the youthfulness of land and water smokes like an incense in my heart; and the breath of all things plays on my thoughts as on a flute.


When the world sleeps I come to your door.

The stars are silent, and I am afraid to sing.

I wait and watch, till your shadow passes by the balcony of night and I return with a full heart.

Then in the morning I sing by the roadside;

The flowers in the hedge give me answer and the morning air listens,

The travelers suddenly stop and look in my face, thinking I have called them by their names.


Keep me at your door ever attending to your wishes, and let me go about in your Kingdom accepting your call.

Let me not sink and disappear in the depth of langour.

Let not my life be worn out to tatters by penury of waste.

Let not those doubts encompass me,-the dust of distractions.

Let me not pursue many paths to gather many things.

Let me not bend my heart to the yoke of the many.

Let me hold my head high in the courage and pride of being your servant.


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1 Dec 2016, addressing Irish law makers in Dublin: Syria’s Grand Mufti Hassoun:

“When the events started in 2011 in Syria, an Arab Emir called me. He invited me to leave Syria and told me he had a castle for my family and me. I told him, I have to stay in Syria to be the bridge of peace between the opposition and the regime. I represent neither the opposition nor the regime. I represent the Syrian people and when the regime is against the people, I will be with the people against the regime. The response to my answer to this phone call was the assassination of my son five days later, while he stood near the door of his university. He had never held a gun nor a weapon.
Before burying my child, I stood before everyone and said I had forgiven everyone on condition they laid down their weapons. Their answer was that they didn’t need my forgiveness. This has caused me much pain. But what is more painful is that a year after I buried my child, the revolutionaries came and took him out of his grave and I don’t know where they put him. This is the revolution in Syria. If it were a revolution to reform the regime I would have been with them but it was a revolution to kill men.

I came from Syria to Ireland to tell you please do not listen to the media. Come to Syria to see what they have done to us. I have met some of those who were arrested from London, Australia, Belgium, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. I met them in prison. I asked, Why did you come to Syria? They said: The Islamic centers in Europe called us to come and install an Islamic State in Syria and we gathered money. They trained us to fight in Turkey.”

Video from @handsoffsyria


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On 4 October 2015
Ken Roth tweeted this

Screenshot - 10052015 - 09:13:59 AM

On the same day Human Rights Watch retweeted Ken Roth’s tweet

Screenshot - 10052015 - 09:12:08 AM

The image from Roth’s 4 October tweet was used by Roth in February 2015

Screenshot - 10052015 - 09:12:43 AM

Are people dying twice in Syria now?

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Screenshot from 2014-10-03 11:42:16Last month Russia’s ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin warned, “We are concerned about bombing Syria without the cooperation of Damascus. It can have destructive practical consequences on the humanitarian situation in Syria”.(1) Sadly, Churkin was right, the bombing of Syria by the U.S. and it’s Arab allies is making the situation more desperate for Syria’s people, not helping them.

On Sunday 28 September the U.S. led air strikes destroyed mills and grain Silos in Manbij, a town in Northern Syria and also targeted oil refineries which the Pentagon said ISIS had been “using to fund its terrorist activities”.(2) No ISIS militants were killed in these air strikes, only Syrian civilians.

Bombing grain silos will do nothing to stop ISIS but it will make life harder for Syrians already starving and barely surviving under the rule of the so-called “moderate rebels”(3), just as targeting oil refineries which were not ISIS’s but “belonging to individuals and small companies in the region”(4) will only increase the price of oil which will make Syrians suffer more.

Today the Sydney Morning Herald confirms this: “In many towns there is no fuel at all for cooking or for cars, in other places prices are so high it is almost unaffordable. Winter is coming and we are not sure how people will survive.”(4)

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the aim of U.S. led air-strikes is to destroy Syria’s infrastructure which will increase the suffering of Syria’s people, not to eliminate ISIS.

(1) http://online.wsj.com/articles/u-s-urging-allies-to-join-strikes-on-syria-1411168223
(2) http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/sep/30/pentagon-most-of-isis-oil-refineries-in-syria-have/
(3) http://www.globalresearch.ca/nato-airstrikes-target-grain-silos-in-syria-killing-civilians-only-defeating-isis-by-starving-syrians/5405533
(4) http://www.smh.com.au/world/airstrikes-on-islamic-state-in-syria-draw-militant-response-20141003-10prwm.html

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Syrian Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari, UN press conference 3 April 2014

Ladies and gentlemen as you know the joint co-ordinator Mrs. Kaag has just briefed the Security Council members on the latest developments related to the implementation of the plan for evacuation and destruction of chemical materials in Syria. She corroborated in her briefing and confirmed all the evidence that we had submitted to the Secretary General as well as to the members of the Security Council on the deterioration of the security situation surrounding the port of Latakia.

Due to the shelling and bombing by the terrorist armed groups who crossed the border coming from Turkish territory with qualitative weapons with the range of 27km. These weapons are provided to the terrorist armed groups by the Turkish government, the Qatari government and the Saudi government. Exactly as we said in many letters that we addressed to the Secretary General and the members of the Security Council in the last ten days. In the last ten days, I sent on behalf of my government ten official letters. Ten official letters in ten days, three during the last weekend, to draw to the attention of everybody the seriousness of the involvement of these three governments in the bloodshed of the Syrian people as well as in the invasion in the area of Kessab. The terrorists groups all belong to the al Nusra Front, al Qaeda, as well as other Islamist terrorist groups, trained sponsored financed, protected by the Turkish government, armed and media covered by Saudi Arabia. The situation is very alarming in the area of Latakia countryside as you well know. Fights are still continuing between the Syrian army and these terrorist groups, who all crossed our border coming from Turkey.

I sent a letter on behalf of my government to the Secretary General and the president of the Council, I briefed you a couple of days ago on this issue and finally we get an answer from the Turkish Ambassador in which he did not deny the leak, the audiotape, as you know, he did not deny it. On the contrary he confirmed what we said. So, not denying means they did it. They conspired against our sovereignty. They wanted to commit a military aggression against our country by bluffing and staging a so called aggression from the Syrian territory to the Turkish territory. This was the plan staged by the deputy-chief of the Turkish Intelligence in the presence of the minister of foreign affairs as well as the deputy-chief of staff of the Turkish army. They planned to send some terrorists inside Syria and asked them to shell eight rockets or missiles on the Turkish territory so that they would have a pretext to assault Syria and attack Syria. This was more or less the nature of the leak of the audio-tape which I mentioned in my last briefing to your good self. The Qataris were there according to the leak to finance buying Turkish weapons to be given to the terrorist groups.

So now we are dealing with the flagrant picture of aggression, by a member of NATO, Turkey and two other states in this organisation, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. An aggression against a full fledged member state of this organisation, a founding member, which is Syria.

We haven’t seen anybody in this security Council, especially among the influential, who are allies of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – we haven’t seen any of them taking the slightest step toward making any serious pressure on the Turkish government regarding the military attack on the area of Kessab where thousands and thousands of Syrian Armenians have fled and many of them got killed, slaughtered by these terrorist groups under the full fledged coverage of the Turkish army.
We haven’t seen anybody raising a finger to put serious pressure on the Turkish government to put pressure on the armed groups to refrain from shelling the port of Latakia while loading the chemical weapon materials on board ships. So these people who say how dangerous the chemical issue is are merely hypocrites and they are not responsible at all.

Mrs. Kaag briefed the Council, she didn’t complain about any lack of co-operation on the Syrian government’s side, on the contrary she said everything is fine. Of course the dead-line set up by the Syrian government and Mrs. Kaag and the OPCW will not be able to be respected fully unless the security situation evolves in the right direction. In this case, the influential guys who have influence over the terrorist groups should try to do their best to make sure that the convoys carrying the chemical materials will not be attacked and the port of Latakia will not be attacked.

I would like to read out to you something important that comes from the executive director of OPCW in which he acknowledged that and I quote; “a significant quantity of chemicals has been removed from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic”. A significant quantity, so the executive director acknowledges that an important part of the chemicals have been removed from the Syrian Arab Republic. Then he says that, “a total of eleven shipments of priority chemicals have made its route to the port of de-embarkation of Latakia”. Then he says, “More than 35% of declared priority one chemicals and more than 80% of declared priority two chemicals, making a combined total of 49.3% of combined priority one and two chemicals, planned for destruction outside the Syrian Arab Republic have now been removed from Syrian territory and the destruction process if there is any delay is not our responsibility because the destruction process should take place outside of Syria not in Syria.

So this is also something important to be mentioned. The conclusion of the report of the executive director is that, “with the accelerated pace of removal that is now under way important progress has been made in reaching the June 30, 2014 deadline for the completion of destruction of all declared chemicals . The Syrian Arab Republic has reaffirmed its commitment to the complete elimination of its chemical weapons by this deadline.”

Unfortunately some members of the Council who claim to be in charge, actually they don’t only claim, according to the charter they are in charge of maintaining peace and security, have unfortunately boycotted today and blocked a Russian proposal to come out to you with press elements on the meeting, press elements that express the serious warning by the Council of the consequences of these terrorist attacks on the port of Latakia against the shipments of the chemical materials. Some in the Council objected to this Russian proposal and this is why nobody came to address you with this important issue today. They would favour creating problems inside rather than extinguishing the fire outside and inside so I’m saddened to tell you that the Russian initiative did not go further because of the objection of some other colleagues in the Council, permanent members. It’s really a pity to see these delegations taking such a biased, dangerous and irresponsible initiative towards a very alarming issue such as shelling the convoys that transporting chemical materials

Q: About Kessab, the Syrian coalition put out a statement that it was the Free Syrian Army that quote, “liberated Kessab” and there’s been some dispute about who actually did it. Some of the P3 are saying they don’t have any control or contact with those who took Kessab. According to you was it ISIS, was it al Nusra – what evidence it there of who actually took the town?

Al Jaafari: This is again a pitiful attempt to falsify facts. Al Nusra Front, al Qaeda and the other so-called Islamist, terrorist groups have put on their websites footage of their attack coming from the Turkish territory and you can see this footage on their website. So those who perpetrated these crimes all came from Turkey and they are presenting themselves as members of al Nusra Front, al Qaeda and other Islamist groups. We have facts, we have confessions, we have dozens of Saudis killed in the area. I have here a very important article published today by a Saudi writer in Saudi Arabia speaking about the Saudis killed in Syria, who is sending them and why they are killed and he is giving hundreds of names of Saudis killed in Syria – many of them were killed in Kessab. I’ll give you names if you want of some very dangerous members of al Qaeda and al Nusra Front and they are all Saudis. I have the article published in Arabic … among the Saudis killed there are military men, from Saudi’s military (names soldiers): a member of Saudi National Guard, a captain in the army killed in Kessab, a lieutenant, a sergeant, a lieutenant-colonel in the ministry of defence of Saudi Arabia – these are samples of the names in this article so we are not dreaming but speaking facts and we are just repeating what the Saudis themselves wrote today in one of their newspapers. Nobody can hide the sun any more, nobody can hide the facts any more . Those who have sponsored terrorists in Syria will bear the consequences of their acts .

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