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Oberon – Spike Milligan


The flowers in my garden grow down.
Their colour is pain
Their fragrance sorrow.
Into my eyes grow their roots
feeling for tears
To nourish the black
hopeless rose
within me.

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Being Peace – Thich Nhat Hanh

If we are peaceful.
If we are happy.
We can smile and blossom
Like a flower.

And everyone
In our family,
Our entire society
Will benefit
From our peace.

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The hypocrisy of the US government concerning Syria is mind-blowing.
On 7 August 2013, AFP reported:
In Washington, the CIA number two said the war poses the greatest threat to US security because of the risk of the regime falling and Syria becoming a weapons-rich haven for Al-Qaeda.“(1)

So, if the Syrian government does fall, the US is at risk from Al-Qaeda, but meanwhile the US is doing everything in its power to ensure the Syrian government and the Syrian Army do fall, and thus are creating the very scenario CIA’s “number two” says will pose “the greatest threat to US security”.

In the same article AFP tells us:
The CIA’s Michael Morell said in an interview in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal there are now more foreigners flowing into Syria each month to join Al Qaeda-affiliated groups than there were going to Iraq at the height of the war there

So Jihadis stream into Syria to join al-Qaeda and the US, by sending weapons to the al-Qaeda affiliated FSA, is effectively arming them directly.

The relationship between FSA rebels and Al-Qaeda was again reaffirmed this week: “the Kurdish Peoples Defence Units (YPG) said on August 3rd that the Free Syrian Army forged an alliance with al-Qaeda groups against Kurds”.(2)
YPG also said “it was clear that FSA battalions were coordinating with jihadist groups … Al-Nusra Front, ISIS, and the FSA have become one side in attacking the Kurdish people“.(3)

So, poor US is threatened by al-Qaeda, while Obama arms al-Qaeda and hands Syria to al-Qaeda on a plate – just like US/NATO’s “successful” bombing of Libya turned Libya into “a safe haven for Al-Qaeda.”(4)

Hypocrisy is not a strong enough word for what US has done to Libya, and is now doing in Syria.

(1)Syria rebels hit in deadly ambush http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jXGX_NIrhzKCIK7WkLRO_3JzNXhg?docId=CNG.c1e12f93b034e10ee3e43dfea67e9e6d.171

(2) The dirty war against Kurds in Syria http://en.firatnews.com/news/news/the-dirty-war-against-kurds-in-syria.htm

(3)Jihadists hold 200 Syria Kurds Hostage http://www.thenews.com.pk/article-111874-Jihadist-hold-200-Syria-Kurds-hostage:-NGO–

(4)Is Libya Becoming a Safe Haven For Al Qaeda? http://warnewsupdates.blogspot.com/2013/05/is-libya-becoming-safe-haven-for-al.htmlIs Libys A Safe haven For al Qaeda?

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